I enjoy helping my students develop their abilities to think statistically, to understand variability, and to draw sound conclusions from data. The statistical software package R/RStudio plays a prominent role in most of my classes with the students learning a reproducible workflow through creating R Markdown reports.

Spring 2019 Courses:

  • Math 343: Statistics Practicum
  • Math 392: Mathematical Statistics

Fall 2018 Courses:

  • Math 141: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Students can access the RStudio Server here.
    • In the course, we use DataCamp.com a browser-based interactive platform for learning data science.


In many of my research projects, I develop new estimators for complex survey data using modern modeling techniques such as penalized splines, elastic net regression, and regression trees. For several years, I have partnered with the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program to estimate forestry quantities by combining complex sample data with remotely sensed data. For 2016 – 2017, I was an ASA/NSF/BLS Research Fellow and explored statistical learning techniques for estimation and imputation at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Current Projects:

  • Land cover/land use change estimation in Georgia.
    • Work is part of the grant “Advances in model-assisted and small area estimation strategies for forest inventories.” funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
  • Domain estimation and calibration using regression trees.
    • Collaboration with Daniell Toth (BLS).
  • Mentoring undergraduate research in statistics: Reaping the benefits and overcoming the barriers.
    • Collaboration with Vittorio Addona (Macalester College), Joe Nolan (Northern Kentucky University), Dennis Pearl (Pennsylvania State University), and Nathan Tintle (Dordt College).


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