I am a survey statistician and a data scientist whose scholarly activities include survey methodological developments, integrative research, applied statistical work, and software development. I greatly enjoy collaborative work and have active collaborations with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Forest Inventory and Analysis Program. During the summer, I usually supervise undergraduate research students on projects related to forestry data science. This work is supported by the US Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.

I spent my most recent sabbatical as a Visiting Research Scientist at the Rocky Mountain Research Station of the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Program. For my previous sabbatical, I was an ASA/NSF/BLS Research Fellow in Washington, DC.

Scientific Writing


Kelly McConville, Josh Yamamoto, Becky Tang, George Zhu, Shirley Cheung, and Sida Li (2018). mase: Model-Assisted Survey Estimation. R package version

Kelly McConville and Isabelle Caldwell (2020). pdxTrees: Data Package of Portland, Oregon Trees. R package version 0.4.0.