I am a survey statistician and a data scientist whose scholarly activities include survey methodological developments, integrative research, applied statistical work, and software development. I greatly enjoy collaborative work and have active collaborations with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Forest Inventory and Analysis Program. During the summer, I usually supervise undergraduate research students on projects related to forestry data science. This work is supported by the US Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.

I spent my most recent sabbatical as a Visiting Research Scientist at the Rocky Mountain Research Station of the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.

Publications and Technical Reports


Kelly McConville, Becky Tang, George Zhu, Shirley Cheung, and Sida Li (2018). mase: Model-Assisted Survey Estimation. R package version 0.1.2.

Kelly McConville and Isabelle Caldwell (2020). pdxTrees: Data Package of Portland, Oregon Trees. R package version 0.4.0.