Here are some items I’d like to highlight.

Nov 2022: Two of my research students, Asteria Chilambo and Jing Shang, won the “Best Video Presentation” award at the 2022 Electronic Undergraduate Statistics Research Conference for their summer work comparing two survey estimators! This was joint work with Raymond Czaplewski and George Gaines of the FIA.

Summer 2022: I mentored 5 amazing undergraduate researchers on forestry data science research projects as part of a collaboration with the US Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.

Summer 2022: I ran a virtual data book club. Sponsored by the Harvard Data Science Initiative, we read two non-technical books related to data and society. Reach out to me if you are a Harvard affiliate and are interested in joining us for summer 2023!

May 2022: I was elected to be the 2023 Chair-Elect of the ASA Section on Statistics and Data Science Education.

April 2022: I was so honored to be named a Fellow of the ASA “For excellence in the dissemination of statistical knowledge, notable contributions to the modernization of survey methods in official statistics, outstanding mentorship of undergraduates and junior researchers, and service to the profession.”

April 2022: I was a guest on the ASA Podcast Practical Significance to discuss ways to increase editorial diversity in ASA journals.

July 2021: My Reed students, Huaying Qiu and Lauren Lavelle, and I were guests on a two-part series on college rankings for Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History: Lord of the Rankings and Project Dillard.

June 2021: Allan Rossman and I served as co-program chairs of the 2021 U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics. The 2021 theme was “Expanding Opportunities”.

February 2021: Paul Roback and I wrote a guest post about giving oral exams for Allan Rossman’s Ask Good Questions blog.

August 2019: Brian Tarran, the editor of Significance Magazine, interviews me about my Voter ID work for the Voter ID Stats episode of the Stats and Stories podcast at JSM 2019.

Spring 2019: I was a winner of the Fiscal Year 2018 Director’s Award for Forest Inventory and Analysis Excellence and was “recognized for outstanding extensions of FIA by developing university course work and applications on inventory and monitoring using FIA data, information and online tools.”