Forestry Data Science 2020

The Reed Forestry Data Science Lab has been hard at work for a month now! The lab, supported by the US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Program, Reed College, and Swarthmore College, has 6 projects going this summer. These projects include: Creating interactive web dashboards of important forest estimates using FIESTA Exploring alternative variance estimators for data collected under a spatially systematic sampling design Producing forest inventory teaching materials Improving and expanding pdxTrees, an R data package of Portland park trees Increasing the functionality of mase, an R package of modern survey estimators Determining the utility of the generalized regression estimator for estimating forest attributes in the Interior West I asked each lab member to provide a picture of themselves with a tree and a description.

Reed Forestry Data Science Summer 2019

Over the course of 10 weeks, I had the pleasure of working with 6 awesome student researchers. We worked on SEVEN different projects related to data questions poised by the US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA). This work was a joint collaboration between FIA, Reed College and Swarthmore College and therefore it involved 3 FIA folks: Gretchen Moisen, Research Scientist Tracey Frescino, Forester Chris Toney, Forester Four Reedies: