I enjoy helping my students develop their abilities to think statistically, to understand variability, and to draw sound conclusions from data. The statistical software package R/RStudio plays a prominent role in most of my classes with the students learning a reproducible workflow through creating R Markdown reports.

Spring 2019 Courses:

  • Math 343: Statistics Practicum
  • Math 392: Mathematical Statistics

Fall 2018 Courses:

  • Math 141: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Students can access the RStudio Server here.
    • In the course, we use DataCamp.com a browser-based interactive platform for learning data science.


In many of my research projects, I develop new estimators for complex survey data using modern modeling techniques such as penalized splines, elastic net regression, and regression trees. For several years, I have partnered with the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program to estimate forestry quantities by combining complex sample data with remotely sensed data. For 2016 – 2017, I was an ASA/NSF/BLS Research Fellow and explored statistical learning techniques for estimation and imputation at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Current Projects:

  • Land cover/land use change estimation in Georgia.
    • Work is part of the grant “Advances in model-assisted and small area estimation strategies for forest inventories.” funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
  • Domain estimation and calibration using regression trees.
    • Collaboration with Daniell Toth (BLS).
  • Mentoring undergraduate research in statistics: Reaping the benefits and overcoming the barriers.
    • Collaboration with Vittorio Addona (Macalester College), Joe Nolan (Northern Kentucky University), Dennis Pearl (Pennsylvania State University), and Nathan Tintle (Dordt College).


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  • McConville, K. S., Stokes, L., and M., Gray. (2018). Accumulating Evidence of the Impact of Voter ID Laws: Student Engagement in the Political Process. Statistics and Public Policy, https://doi.org/10.1080/2330443X.2017.1407721.
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It is raining stats and dogs.

Over the course of 10 weeks, I had the pleasure of working with 6 awesome student researchers. We worked on SEVEN different projects related to data questions poised by the US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA). This work was a joint collaboration between FIA, Reed College and Swarthmore College and therefore it involved 3 FIA folks: Gretchen Moisen, Research Scientist Tracey Frescino, Forester Chris Toney, Forester Four Reedies:


I had the wonderful (and terrifying) experience of being interviewed by THE Significance magazine editor, Brian Tarran, about my work estimating the impacts of voter ID laws. Significance teamed up with the always amazing Stats + Stories to provide coverage on JSM 2019. You can listen to the interview here.